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The Rolex Oyster Perpetual (reference 114300) can be had in your choice of three dial colors - dark rhodium, red grape, or blue. If it weren't for the red grape and blue options, we would forgive you if you were less than enthused by the Rolex Oyster Perpetual. While I'd assume that the grey dial will be popular, it doesn't have the same character or presence offered by its more lively and colorful siblings. For my tastes, the blue version is the one to have, with a excellent mix of everyday wearability with a certain added charm. It's still vanilla, but maybe with a few sprinkles on top.

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How successful this event will be will depend largely on the host's ability to engage his young audience, but I doubt this will be too much of a struggle. Mechanical watches are visually and intellectually fascinating. If a child wants to attend the event, I doubt he or she will be disappointed with what they get from the experience. I've seen young children entertain themselves for hours with a stick. I'm pretty sure a mechanical watch will provide enough intrigue to hold their attention.

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What I attempted to explain was that, while I did feel Romain Jerome watches were inherently expensive, and how not all of them appeal to me, I did appreciate the "point" of the brand. The one on my wrist at the time (from the Steampunk collection) simply made me happy to look at it. I enjoyed the style and quality of the case and was by no means wearing it for the rather rudimentary three-hand movement inside. While pretty much anyone who is a watch collector wears timepieces because they are art - it seems as though few of them understand or wish to admit that. In the context of the Romain Jerome Spacecraft and Romain Jerome Spacecraft Black, I can see how someone might wear it because of the movement.

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