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Hublot Watches Get The Mr. Brainwash Treatment In Miami Feature Articles

In all instances, A. Lange & Söhne will craft the dials from solid silver and will decorate them with extensive guilloché engraving. Hidden behind the dial is the L901.0, hand-wound manufacture caliber in both the men's and the ladies' versions, featuring the brand's well-known German silver plates and hand-engraved balance cocks. The movement will provide an ample 72 hours of power reserve, thanks to its twin-barrel configuration and 3Hz rate – in short, everything is as one has come to expect from the Glashütte-based manufacture.

The competitive spirit is really what Rolex likes to attach itself to, even though it doesn't outright say it. Car racing, classic car shows, tennis, golf, etc... these are all at their heart highly competitive events where there are losers, but also winners. And winners like to receive prizes for their efforts, don't they? What better prize than a Rolex? At least, that is the idea Rolex has been successfully perpetuating for decades - and it just simply works without controversy.

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HYT Skull Watch Is Cool, Does Not Indicate Minutes Watch Releases

Holding the A. Lange & Söhne Zeitwerk Handwerkskunst in his palms, Rose is observably nervous holding the extremely valuable timepiece that he purchased via an auction. It is probably among the most valuable items he owns that isn't real estate. Kevin said that when he first started getting into watches, there was a tendency for people like him to go straight to the top. Basically, you enter the world of watches, and quickly begin to take in information while learning about more and more exclusive timepieces. Eventually, you discover the apex of what is currently available in a commercial environment, and the tendency is to desire the best.

To learn more about Patek Philippe timepiece success at auctions, as well as with collectors, I spoke to John Reardon, the International Head of Christie's Watch Department. A watch guy and seasoned watch sales expert, John Reardon is one of those people you want around if you have any questions related to watch valuation, rarity, or potential investment worthiness. John is also a diligent advocate of the watch auction process and Christie's, which is something important to keep in mind when reading his responses and suggestions. So with that said, let's examine some of the wisdom he has shared below about watch auctions in general about about the Patek Philippe 175 event.

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As if the world needed more items to put on our wrists, a startup company called Nixie (yes, another Nixie) is developing a wearable flying drone. This is all part of Intel's "Make It Wearable" challenge, where the chip producer has challenged teams to produce a new wave of wearable technology. Nixie's idea is to produce a small drone that can be wrapped on your wrist and taken with you.

Time-only tourbillon watches with the hours and minutes and a 60-second tourbillon as the seconds indicator are a sort of guilty pleasure for me. When I find one that is visually attractive, I try to think of reasons to wear it, even though I don't normally do dress watches. At 40mm wide, the Geo.Graham Tourbillon wears modestly in its 18k pink gold case. It also happens to be quite thin at 9.85mm thick. Graham has provided some images of historical George Graham pocket watches that are meant to help you understand the visual inspiration Graham used when designing the Geo.Graham Tourbillon.

It is here where we should note the differences between a tachymeter and the speedmeter. A tachymeter is also noted as a "device" that is found exclusively on chronograph watches. The tachymeter basically is a scale on the periphery of the dial of the watch: the chronograph has to be started at the time when the driver drives by a distant reference point (i.e. a milestone), start the chronograph and stop it at the next point. The chronograph's second hand will point to the speed of travel on the tachymeter scale. By contrast, the Genie 03 works in a more direct and instantaneous way as the cups are spun by the air and given the strength of the air flow, the sub-dial at 2 will indicate the calculated speed immediately.

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Fans all over the world were excited about Casio's most impressive G-Shock to date when it comes to blending style, functionality, and price. The Rangeman is the first G-Shock model to combine all three of the triple sensor functions of the Pro Trek collection into a G-Shock and I can attest to the fact that it is an amazing watch.

Movado SE Extreme Automatic Chronograph & Diver Watches

Movado SE Extreme Automatic Chronograph & Diver Watches

If, like me, you are limited to desk diving, this is still a solid daily watch. In the end, a dive watch is a tool watch, and these sorts of watches are built (or at least, should be designed) to stand up to the rigors and abuses of regular life, whether or not they are being put to their intended use. And if you know you will not take the watch any deeper than your local pool, then the date display variant may give you more flexibility.

My First Grail Watch: Chris Vail My First Grail Watch

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The allure of a "won Rolex" is present around the world and is just as appealing if you are racing boats or an internationally known athlete - which, if you think about it, is pretty amazing. I think it has to do with part of what Rolex represents - an item marking success and accomplishment. Yes, in addition to Rolex making bar-setting watches for quality and value they have also worked hard to maintain an image as the "I made it watch." You can't deny the sales numbers even if you don't personally want a Rolex watch. Rolex was also ranked the most reputable consumer product company in the world, according to one study earlier in 2014. So what I am saying is that a combination of actual high-quality as well as notoriety and desirability has made it so that even the richest of the richest sometimes compete extra hard just to get something as a prize that they could otherwise just buy. For them, it is about being competitive.

To be honest, I am not sure if this is the Greubel Forsey Art Piece 1 or perhaps the Art Piece 1.2, etc... There have been few more mysterious ultra luxury watches released from legitimate brands than the Art Piece collection from everyone's favorite metal finishing fanatics over in Switzerland. I am told that the first Art Piece watch was finally delivered this summer in 2014. This is after the watch's "debut" in 2012. What you see here hands-on isn't even a finished model, but rather a prototype.

Source: aBlogtoWatch

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Piaget limelight

The integration of elements on the case is interesting, and mostly harmonious. Anyone wearing the Jordi Chronograph Red Horizon will certainly feel that it is a very different type of watch, but it isn't different enough to behave any differently than other similar timepieces. For its size, the case feels light due to the mostly titanium construction. The case is further water resistant to 100 meters.

What if the Rolex Sea-Dweller 4000 was an ultra-light-weight timepiece? That would make sense for something inspired by the air and cloud. The Rolex Sea Dweller 4000 Air concept would be "a light-weight and colored watch. High tech materials would making it extremely light yet almost indestructible. The Sea-Dweller Air gives the wearer the illusion that you better keep it on your wrist or it will simply float away like a balloon."

Feldmar Watch: I would tell watch lovers from anywhere that people in LA have a great sense of watch style.  They aren't always motivated to buy based on trends and advertising.  I think our LA clients are very particular about buying what they love to wear and not just to impress.

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Like I said, the system is elegant and simple, and very easy to understand and operate. The way Vogard mixes up the various models that feature the Timezoner complication is by playing with the dial as well as the bezel. There are a range of themed versions of the watch, with bezels that have standard reference cities, the names of major golf courses, shopping destinations, etc... Vogard even places a small "s" next to those cities that observe daylight saving times.

Audemars Piguet & Theo Jansen's Strandbeests At Art Basel 2014 ABTW Interviews

aBlogtoWatch: So, is Jackmond more like a museum than a store per se?

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There are a range of things that NFC in a watch can be used for. One good example, is allowing the watch to "unlock" a phone when it is in near proximity to it. There are currently four available versions of the Minus-8 Layer watch. Each comes in a steel case colored different with PVD coating applications. The case is 45mm wide, with a sapphire crystal, and 100 meters of water resistance.

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While A. Lange & Söhne says that "the two models symbolize the significance of spending time together," and that they are, "like two harmonizing voices in a duet," I wish the splendid opportunity of the A. Lange & Söhne Lange 1's 20th anniversary was used to transmit a less cheesy and generic message, but rather something more closely related to the importance of this model in the company's history. The two pieces could have connected the past and the future of the brand, or offered some other comprehension of the model's role and the different versions we have seen over the years.

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Hamilton, for instance, could claim that its movements (produced by ETA) are in-house, because both Hamilton and ETA are part of the Swatch Group family. That doesn't happen. Most of these major brands are careful not to call their stock movements in-house, because there is nothing particularly unique or exclusive about them. We have found that the larger companies tend to be pretty straight forward about "in-house made." They may not be particularly open about who their suppliers are, but they don't go around blatantly advertising, "in-house made."

Jean-Claude Biver: We will follow and pursue this politic and positioning of the brand. We will try to attract even more than before the young generation and young customers. Also, thanks not only to avant garde and attractive products, but also together with new ambassadors coming not only from the sports world, but also from lifestyle or the music world.

ABTW: What I like about this watch is I feel like it reflects the taste of the actual cosmopolitan woman today – much more so than the gaudy, blinged-out, old-feeling styles many watchmakers mistakenly think women want. Everywhere I see sophisticated urban women wearing larger, more masculine-styled watches, with a more monochromatic, minimal look. However, it’s not always easy to find styles like that unless it’s a men’s model.

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Speaker in the upper side of the tonneau-shaped Franck Muller case in 18k rose gold. A thin led light with a "vintage light bulb look" at the botton of the case. Light flashing when receiving new calls or messages. A 3D dial with added depth to make the watch appear less flat than other smart watches/digital watches.Rubber strap with stripes to match the speaker design and the small stripes inside the led light.

Price for the Breitling Navitimer 01 46mm is ,215. Prices for the Breitling Navitimer GMT watch start at ,055 for the steel watch on the strap, and go up to ,460 for the steel watch on the matching steel bracelet. The limited edition Breitling Navitimer GMT in 18k red gold retails for ,105.

BEST FROM: aBlogtoWatch & Friends January 2, 2015

BEST FROM: aBlogtoWatch & Friends January 2, 2015

What is clear at this point is that, at the very least, the greater watch-lover community expects the ideal smartwatch to offer uncompromised wearing comfort paired with an aesthetically pleasing design that does not sacrifice legibility and user-friendliness for the sake of more gimmicky features. So far we have seen some reassuring steps towards meeting this basic and yet challenging requirement (with the Motorola Moto360 and the Withings Activité first springing to mind), so now, let's see what the Michael Bastian smartwatch has to offer – other than a silly name, that is.

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