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Once you glance over at the watch and realize you are in the red zone you can start moving your arm around. But there is yet another feature to play with. Urwerk utilizes a rotor winding efficiency selector on the back of the watch that allows you to decide how sensitive the rotor is. On a light setting the slightest movement will wind the mainspring. On a more tight setting you'll need to move around harder to wind the movement. There is also a stop function where you can totally block the rotor in the event you are engaged in some type of high-shock activity. And to think, high-end 0,000 plus watches were supposed to make life better, not more complicated? Despite the interesting intent of the complication, it is extremely clever and you have to praise Urwerk for developing the concept into reality.

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I got a special chance to not only view the Writer in Switzerland, but also to see how it works. The three automatons all still operate, and are maintained by skilled professionals. They really don’t seem to be as delicate as you might think from such old machines. The Writer is an android style doll that sits at a specially made desk. Aside from being sized for the doll, the desk is rather standard. All the magic is in the Writer itself. A stack of gears placed in the Writer dictate what it is able to write. According to Jaquet Droz, the Writer would be equipped with a custom gear stack for each royal family it visited - being able to deliver a specially tailored message to them.

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This model is the Avanti 4 Vertical Stack watch winder and it caught my eye as being something which was particularly practical. The tall vertical orientation of the winder made for a good piece on a shelf, as a bookend, and simply to stack a series of them next to one another... for a "wall o' winders." Like all Avanti models, the materials used to produce the winder housing are pretty nice. This model is wrapped in leather with red contrast stitching. The front plate is carbon fiber. Orbita works with some other companies that use their winders in safes (for example). Some clients have asked for more metal parts which are currently made in plastic. So maybe Orbita will go even more high-end in the future. Though, I am pretty happy with the result.

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Coated in black rubber, the David Yurman Shelby 1000 watch will be limited to 150 pieces and be priced at ,600. The steel version that is not limited to a specific production amount (will likely be make for a year or so before production ends), will be priced at ,200. Seems like a rather large price gap between the two right? The watches are very cool and look for availability in November 2012.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Deep Sea Chronograph Watch

Jaeger-LeCoultre Deep Sea Chronograph Watch

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At Baselworld 2012 I got to check out an early version of the new P'6540 Heritage Chronograph. You'll note that Porsche Design made a lot of dial changes between the prototype and the final version shown in the marketing photographs I have included. While the prototype I checked out is more like the original, I think the final version is the best looking. The original Chronograph 1 used a Lemania chronograph movement and not the ETA Valjoux 7750 used in the modern version. This required a slightly different design for the prototype model, but it lacked a bit of sexiness. The final version cleans up the dial and makes it a lot more elegant, in addition to adding some "nice watch" elements.

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On the back of the Liberty DNA watch is an engraving of the liberty torch and flame that the statue is holding up. What I though is interesting is that the watch itself has no full picture of the Statue of Liberty. Meaning that someone could theoretically check it out and have no idea what the watch was all about. I suppose that is cool. Better than having an engraving of the full statue on the dial. I think it would have been cool for RJ to Photoshop an image of the statue with her wearing a giant version of the watch. Attached to the case is a vintage-style brown alligator strap. The Romain Jerome Liberty DNA watch will be limited to 125 pieces and be priced at ,900.

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The first thing I learned is that Graham is a Swiss watch brand. I and others seemed to feel there was an English side to them. It is true that the name of the brand comes from the British clock maker George Graham who lived during the end of the 17th century to the beginning of the 18th century. There are also some pieces with British racing green colors, and perhaps some other English flair. Nevertheless, the watch is totally Swiss straight outta La Chaux-de-Fonds.

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The Big Bang was considered massive when it was released with a size of 44mm wide. It combined several materials (under Biver's "fusion" philosophy), and was almost revolutionary in its design. Now in 2012 the core Big Bang case finally gets updated. The look is more contemporary with a mixture of angles and curves. It has been enlarged to 45.5mm wide, and features an easy release strap system that Hublot developed for its Oceanographic dive watch collection. The new case debuts with a prancing pony on the dial.


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Bulgari GG Gefica Hunter GMT Moon Phase Watch Review

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The standard Pulsion watches are all chronographs and contain the same RD680 automatic chronograph movements with a micro-rotor that other models such as the Monegasque Chronograph contain. These movements also bear the Seal of Geneva and are COSC certified. Unfortunately the final versions were not ready for the SIHH show so these pieces don't yet have the movements inside of them. I look forward to seeing how the final retail version looks with the RD680 inside of it. For the Pulsion Chronograph there are three models available for 2012. Two in titanium (one with black DLC coating), and one in 18k pink gold.

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Bovet offers the Recital 0 in five versions. This includes a case size of 41mm wide or 45mm wide. The one I reviewed was the 45mm wide version. In addition to the two case sizes, you get a choice of a clean 18k red gold case or one that is decorated with an inner bezel ring of large baguette diamonds. That explains four versions, but I am still curious about the fifth. One thing I also don't quite understand is the variation I have seen in the dial and movement finishing. This model has a super cool dark gray-toned movement with 18k red gold hands. Other models I have seen (such as those in the above linked article on the full range of Bovet Recital watches up to that point) have a lighter finished dial with blued-steel hands and blued steel screws in the movement. Like I said, I prefer those of the piece I reviewed as they help the dial look beautiful, being able to clearly see the many movement parts individually.

You quickly learn what technologies and materials are becoming cheap enough for mass production at the Hong Kong show. For example, legions of sport watches with built-in GPS functionality were highly available. You also have more and more watches in ceramic (but that is nothing new). While you can get many of the same things the high-end Swiss watches have in cheaper form at the show, what is really interesting is what you can't get. People complain day and night about the margins Swiss brands get from watches that cost relatively little to produce. That may be so but I have yet to see suppliers copy the detailing you can find in a good European watch. The Swiss still have some serious secrets and methods for producing ultra high quality that the Chinese just haven't figured out how to replicate - at least en-masse and cheaply.

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