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Finally, I would be chastised for not mentioning on this site that the Garmin Fenix 2 uses a proprietary strap design, which, while very comfortable, means that it is not a watch you can easily put on typical nato straps or one of the many aftermarket military inspired straps. Instead, Garmin sells a few variants of the Garmin Fenix 2 strap in limited colors (orange, black, and olive) in the same rubber that comes with the watch as default. There is also a black leather variant. They each will run you about and are shipped with two screw drivers with the proprietary Garmin screw head, designed to help you easily change the strap. Why Garmin chose to make this aspect proprietary beats me, but I did buy the orange and leather variant, which I have enjoyed swapping to.

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Most other rose gold-toned Frédérique Constant watches are gold-plated - which ends up being totally fine for the price. If 18k rose gold isn't something you are keen to wear (or pay for), the polished steel version of the Frédérique Constant Manufacture Heart Beat FC-945 is a sound choice. The watch case is further water resistant to 50 meters and has an AR-coated sapphire crystal on the front and rear.

Citizen is offering a lot of value here, and I know that a lot of people who simply can't stomach the idea of spending ,000 to well over ,000 on a complex looking mechanical dress watch are going to flock to timepieces like the Citizen Signature Grand Classic 9184. Citizen is clever to supplement its mechanical sport watches with more classic/formal watches like this Citizen Signature Grand Classic 9184 because competitors like Seiko don't really offer less expensive mechanical dress watches (which are mostly in the Grand Seiko line).

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1. Comment on this post below (on, not Facebook, or elsewhere you might see this article) before the giveaway is over with your valid e-mail address where required (if you've signed up for the commenting system before, your e-mail should already be in there). In the body of your comment, mention whether you like vintage re-releases – i.e., vintage-inspired watches – or rather, prefer timepieces with modern design elements only.

Richard Mille RM 60-01 Automatic Flyback Chronograph Regatta 'Les Voiles De St. Barth' 2015 Limited Edition Watch Hands-On Hands-On Richard Mille RM 60-01 Automatic Flyback Chronograph Regatta 'Les Voiles De St. Barth' 2015 Limited Edition Watch Hands-On Hands-On

This dial is superbly legible, making it impossible to ignore how much the IWC Portugieser Yacht Club Worldtimer watch benefits from its size. The uncluttered dial and relatively simple set-up make this watch a joy to read. Worldtimers are finicky things and often appear busy. Achieving this level of success could see this model rub shoulders with established heavy-weights such as the aforementioned Baume & Mercier Capeland, the Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Traditionnelle World Time Watch, the Montblanc Heritage Spirit Obris Terrarum Watch, and my personal favorite contender for the crown, the Nomos Zurich Worldtimer Blue Watch, released in September 2014.

The Voutilainen GMR watch dial is produced from solid silver which has been hand-machine guilloche engraved. The applied hour markers are flat brushed on their surface for a very high-contrast, legible look. When it comes to the type of meticulous hand-made watches as we get from someone like Voutilainen and his workshop, there are rarely issues with parts (especially on the dial) that have improper finish applied. I happen to really like the new darker look of the deep gray dial against the Voutilainen GMR's 18k white gold case (as seen here). Actually, because the majority of these watches are on order only, Voutilainen allows you to choose either 18k white gold, 18k red gold, or 950 platinum as the case material for the Voutilainen GMR.

The answer is: Surprisingly good. First, the case feels nice in the hand, its substantial weight is matched with a soft-to-the-touch finish that alternates between brushed on the sides of the case, and polished for the upper parts of the lugs, the bezel, and the case back. Black DLC coated cases are not easy to keep clean from finger prints and dirt, though, so if you are obsessed with keeping your watch looking pristine, I would recommend getting the normal steel version. Second, the black coating makes for a deep-black gloss on the lugs which lends the entire watch a stealthy look and makes the white indices and red logo stand out even more.

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Imagine a watch that knows time and knows you. Imagine a luxury watch that understands your needs and whose designated purpose is to help you. Imagine the Horological Intelligence System by Urwerk, the first luxury smartwatch that uses time for your advantage and lives with you as a true intelligent companion and servant.

As far as the watches themselves are concerned, timepieces often have the T≤25 designation on their dials. That means, that the watch, altogether has a radioactivity level below 1 GBq (we remember seeing Ball make some special watches with T≤100 ratings, i.e., with under 4 GBq). On an excessively nerdy note, we will add that the reason why you see GBq, i.e., giga-becquerel is because it is used here as an SI measurement of radioactivity, while the sievert we referred to further above is the SI measurement for radiation dose. (Feel free to add corrections in the comments below, as this really is beyond our comfort zone.)

How do you feel about the power reserve indicator that is on the movement? It is very easy to miss, as its matching color makes it a bit of a complication chameleon. Nevertheless, the addition of a power reserve indicator is very much welcome, especially given the long power reserve of the movement. The icing on the cake is the attractive amount of hand-engraving all over the visible parts of the movement. The decoration style is subtle enough, without making the movement look like an expensive doily. Yet it also adds value to the watch's prestige overall.

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Sure, people who train for and perform in such activities might be a little nuts, or better said, super-passionate. How else can you explain the amount of training I subjected my body to last year, and just to cap it off with a 13+ hours event? Anyhow, whatever your feeling about endurance athletes and events, one thing you can see plenty of there is passionate folks doing something that may not make sense to the rest of the world or might seem downright crazy to others... That passion, the sense of community that comes with being an Ironman triathlete is very much akin to one of my other passions: watch collecting.

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Setting up the Apple Watch is pretty simple, but so are most other smartwatches. What is different here is that you are really connecting two things which are meant to live together in the same ecosystem (Apple Watch and iPhone). The effect of this is that you automatically get all the Apple Watch apps that are available for the apps you have on your phone installed on the watch. The Apple Watch can also by default mirror settings on your phone so that you don't need to set preferences or do things twice. Last, and perhaps most important, is that I noticed that the Bluetooth connection between the Apple Watch and my iPhone was incredible.

I've tried to understand the source of the "Souverain" name, and from what I recall, it is a term that Francois-Paul himself simply liked and also liked how it sounded. With that said, the Souverain collection is inspired by 19th century pocket watches in wrist watch form, with F.P. Journe's own sense of style. The reason this model is called the Chronometre Souverain is because it is apparently inspired by old marine chronometer clocks whose purpose was to be accurate. F.P. Journe is sort of obsessed with accuracy (a trait I really hope most watchmakers harbor), and the in-house made calibre 1304 is one of many of his attempts at creating a very reliable and accurate mechanical movement.

From a design perspective the 1945 timepiece referred to above was the major inspiration behind the vintage-style dial which you'll find on all of the Tiffany & Co. CT60 watches. For this 2015 launch Tiffany is also releasing the quirky East West watch that we will cover in a different article. Beyond there there will of course be more new watches as it appears Tiffany & Co. is once again quite serious about being a player in the watch world.

Buying Watches In Denver, Colorado: Oster Jewelers Watch Stores ABTW: Do you serve mostly locals or tourists, or is it a good mix? Also, what percentage of your customers would you call "knowledgeable watch collectors?"

Inside Bulova Bellecombe watches are Swiss quartz movements that offer just the time for a clean-looking dial. Attached to the cases are steel bracelets which are inspired by historic Bulova watch bracelets. This new interpretation of a classic design can be found on both men's and women's Bulova watches in the Accu-Swiss product family today. The bracelet style further offers a pleasant tactile experience, with no sharp edges and a smooth feeling when you run your fingers over it. This bracelet closes with a butterfly-style deployant.

The first "other" watch brand to be part of the MMT movement launch is Swiss Mondaine. Known for their Swiss Railways watches, Mondaine will launch The Mondaine Helvetica Smart Swiss Watch later this year in the 0 - ,000 price point. It will be interesting to see what other companies decide to experiment with MMT modules in the near future.

"Aesthetically and in suppleness and comfort, it resembles a rubber strap, while its resistance is comparable to that of a metal bracelet. The bracelet attaches to the watch case and the Oysterlock safety clasp by a flexible titanium and nickel alloy metal blade. The blade is overmoulded with high-performance black elastomer which is particularly resistant to environmental effects, very durable and perfectly inert for the wearer of the watch. For enhanced comfort, the inside of the Oysterflex bracelet is equipped with a patented longitudinal cushion system that stabilizes the watch on the wrist. The bracelet is fitted with an 18 ct Everose gold Oysterlock safety clasp that prevents accidental opening."